Discover Scuba Diving

Not sure if you'll get on with the whole Breathing Underwater thing? Many people think they'll feel claustrophobic, or they're worried they'll freak out once they're submerged. Maybe you want to see if you'll enjoy diving before you invest your holiday time and your hard earned cash on a full course.
Try a Discover Scuba Dive! We'll take you to Green Bay where the maximum depth is less than 10 metres and before you even venture that far you'll practice a few key skills on your knees in water that you can stand up in at any time, so there's no need to panic.
Anyone from the age of 10 can have a go at scuba diving with a DSD and here's the best part; If you find that you love diving as much as we do, and we believe you will, if you come back to us to do an Open Water course within 12 months we'll knock the price you paid for your DSD off the price of the course. Can't say fairer than that.

Bubble Maker

Aren't kids great? And they're even better when you can give them to someone else for a couple of hours. Bubblemaker is a fabulous way to offload your children, as young as 8, and be safe in the knowledge they'll have an amazing time under the direct supervision of DGR Scuba Diving in no more than 2 metres (6.5 foot) of water.
You can either come and dive with us, snorkel, or you can stock the cooler box with beer and stay on shore and enjoy the Cyprus sunshine. Kids from 8 to 10 can do this and it's a great introduction to breathing underwater. They'll love the experience.


Scuba Diver Course

You know you love diving (and who wouldn't?) and want to go beyond a Discover Scuba Dive, but you might only be here for week and you want to see more of Cyprus than just the bottom of the ocean. We can offer you a Scuba Diver Course which only takes two days of your time. It won't allow you to just grab a buddy and just go diving like a full Open Water Course would do, but this internationally recognised qualification would mean you can go diving anywhere in the world to 12 metres (40 foot) as long as you're accompanied by a qualified Divemaster.

Open Water Course

Got a minimum four days to spare? Come and do an Open Water course with us, we'll tailor it to your needs, pace and ability and we have no interest in rushing you through too quickly; if you're not comfortable, confident and ridiculously happy underwater by the end of the course, we haven't done our job right. Once you have this card in your pocket you can go diving with your buddy anywhere you please to a depth of 18 metres (60 foot), no dive professional required.


Adventure Diver Course

This course is epic amounts of fun!It's simply three adventure dives of your choice, plus the small amount of theory that goes with them. That's all. Three fun dives. You can even choose to dive at the Zenobia for two of your dives, covering Boat dive and Wreck dive for only€50 extra. If you decide to take your diving further you can put the three dives you do for this course towards your Advanced Open Water course. If you choose to do your Advanced with DGR Scuba Diving, we'll knock the price you paid for your Adventure Dive course off the price of your Advanced Open Water course. See, aren't we good to you?

Advanced Open Water Course

If you're already at Open Water level and want to take it further, DGR Scuba Diving can take you through your Advanced Open Water. All you need to do is a Deep Dive to no more than 30 metres (98 foot), an Underwater Navigation Dive where you'll learn to navigate using a compass and the natural landmarks around you, plus three other adventure dives of your choice. You can even opt to spend a day at the Zenobia shipwreck in Larnaca for a Wreck Dive and a Boat Dive, completing two of your three optional dives. It's not just an awesome, fascinating dive site, but a really chilled out and enjoyable way to spend the day, It's only€40extra. Non-diving passengers family members and friends are welcome to spend the day.They can snorkel,swim or just relax on the sun loungers.This price will include equipment for snorkelling, also of course the bbq. Price€40.

Advanced Open Water

Emergency First Response Course

Accidents happen despite people's best efforts, but what if you could make a difference in the event of an accident? This course is a necessary step if you're working towards Rescue Diver or Divemaster and beyond, but it's not dive-specific so you can use the skills you learn here if, heaven forbid, a situation arises in your daily life. You'll learn 8 skills in Primary Care including how to care for a patient who isn't breathing or who is bleeding severely. You'll be trained in scene assessment, CPR and rescue breathing, amongst other things. The Secondary Care portion deals with treating injuries and illnesses which aren't immediately life threatening, including bandaging and splinting.

Rescue Diver Course

Not only do you learn to help yourself underwater, this course will teach you how to help a fellow diver in distress whether they're panicking at the bottom of the ocean or lying unresponsive on the surface. This is one of the most satisfying and fun courses that PADI offer, and think about it, how much more enjoyable would diving be if you were safe in the knowledge that you knew how to act in the event of a diving accident involving a friend or family member. Sounds stressful? It's not. Remember, there's never any pressure with DGR Scuba Diving. If you're not comfortable with something we'll just work on it at your pace until you are.


Divemaster Course

They say, “find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life.” That's probably the most sensible thing They have ever said and Divemaster is the first step on the professional diving ladder, taking you towards that coveted career. DGR Scuba Diving can take you there and, of course, it will be at your own pace. No pressure. No worries. And a little card that means you can earn money, anywhere in the world, doing something you love. As a PADI Divemaster, you're able to lead divers who are unqualified to dive without a professional, such as those who have completed a Scuba Diver course, and assist a qualified PADI Instructor during the training sessions for any PADI Diver course. You can train further and become a Discover Scuba Diving Leader which means you can conduct Discover Scuba Dives, as well as learning many other skills. It's a rewarding job, seeing the smiles on the faces of both children and adults as they emerge from the water after their first dive ever is what it's all about. Before you begin this course, you need to have completed a PADI Rescue Diver Course. Please note that above price does not cover manuals or materials and registration with PADI when qualified.

Already Qualified?

Dive With Us, Day Or Night

  • First Dive €50
  • Subsequent Dives €35
  • Night Dive €70
  • Zenobia Wreck Dive €140
  • Zenobia Non-Diving Passenger €40

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us and for this reason we would like to see you dive before we take you to the Zenobia. This assures us that you'll be mentally and physically equipped to enjoy this dive, and gives you a chance to allieviate any worries or concerns you may have about diving, especially if you haven't been diving for a while. The price of this shore dive in our local area will be€45